If your website is showing as failed when you click the Smart Badge, it means that we do not have the website you have added the Smart Badge to recorded on the approved list.

Here is a list of possible causes and how to fix it:

1. The Smart Badge will not work on preview, test or development platforms.

You need to make sure you are adding and publishing the HTML code to the approved website listed with your Smart Badge provider.

2. The Smart Badge will verify on all pages within an authorised domain e.g. www.yourwebsite.com/accreditation/ but it will not work on sub-domains e.g. accreditation.yourwebsite.com

Any sub-domains will need to be added as a separate domain via our support desk

3. #2 also relates to Domain Suffixes.  If you have more than one domain address (even if the content is identical on those sites) you will need to register each domain separately.  For example, if you have a .co.uk and a .com website, you'll need to have both registered.

You can register additional domains or request support via email (support@yoshki.com) or raise a support ticket.